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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackerBoxes?

HackerBoxes is a monthly subscription box for exploring and learning electronics and computer technology.  From teens to experts, HackerBox subscribers are electronics hobbyists, makers, hackers, and computer enthusiasts.  Each month, subscribers receive an exciting and inspiring box packed with projects, components, tools, toys, and other tech gear.  We connect through social media to create a community of experience, support, and new ideas.
We can't wait to see what you do with your HackerBoxes.

So HackerBoxes is a subscription and not a one-time purchase?

Yes, exactly! Being a subscription, there is a shipment every month that goes out to all subscribers. The subscription concept works much like a traditional magazine subscription.

What will be in my HackerBox?

HackerBoxes is a monthly SURPRISE box.  The exact contents of each monthly HackerBox is a surprise, but you can click on the PRIOR BOXES tab to browse past examples. There are some really great items planned for future editions of HackerBoxes.  A lot of hard work goes into planning, designing, and sourcing the contents for each box to make it as fun and educational as possible.

When will my HackerBoxes arrive?

Each month’s edition of HackerBoxes are shipped out all at once as a group around the end of the month. Domestic shipping is by First Class or Priority Mail and usually takes 2-5 business days. International shipping is by International First Class Mail and usually takes about 5-10 business days. Depending upon where in the billing and shipping cycle you start your subscription, shipping and renewal may differ in your first month. Please see the question about first subscription months below.

When will my HackerBoxes subscription automatically renew itself?

All HackerBox subscriptions automatically renew themselves on, or around, the first of each month. Depending upon where in the billing and shipping cycle you start your subscription, shipping and renewal may differ in your first month. Please see the question about first subscription months below.

How do shipping and renewal differ in my first month of subscription?

The shipment scheduling system implements two goals for your first month of subscription. The first goal is to get a HackerBox to you as quickly as possible. This is generally 2-6 weeks depending upon timing and available supply. The second goal is to synchronize your subscription to the standard renewal/shipping cycle as quickly as possible so that your monthly subscription renews on first of the month and ships at the end of the month in synch with all of the other subscribers. All of this happens automatically and does not require intervention.

Can I suggest something cool for a future box?

Of course. Please do. HackerBoxes are your boxes.

What background do I need to work with HackerBoxes?

HackerBoxes is great fun for all ages.  Younger makers may need to work with an adult.
HackerBox projects have detailed online instructions at the H4X0R SK00L.
Some projects may require the ability to work with code, load it into a
microcontroller (such as an Arduino), or do some basic soldering.
Of course we are always here to answer questions.
If you need hands-on assistance, there are a lot of great electronics resources available at Hacker Spaces, Maker Groups, and Ham Radio Clubs in most cities around the world.

What is H4X0R SK00L and why is spelled like that?

H4X0R SK00L is the collection of online HackerBox tutorials and instructions.  Each HackerBox has an Instrucables Page that includes detailed information, instructions, projects, and related links.  There are also comment forums for sharing information and asking questions.  HackerBox subscribers can interact with one another using these forums as well as the HackerBoxes Facebook page.  The funny spelling is leetspeak, which you can ask your weird uncle Google about.  :)

Is it safe to give my credit card information to a bunch of hackers?

We aren't really that kind of hackers. More importantly, we do not have access to your credit card information.  All billing for HackerBoxes is handled through our e-commerce provider, Cratejoy. They use a very well established credit card service called Stripe to process your payments. Stripe processes billions of dollars of payments every year for companies of all sizes around the world from startups to huge public corporations.

Can I subscribe to HackerBoxes from outside the United States?

Most definitely!  There are many international HackerBox subscribers around the world.  While domestic (U.S.) shipping is free, there is a shipping surcharge of USD9 per box to Canada and USD15 per box anywhere else.  This surcharge is applied automatically when you subscribe.  The surcharges reflect almost exactly the additional shipping costs.  Subscribers are responsible for any additional fees, tariffs, VAT, or other taxes.

What if I want a particular HackerBox?

Definitely take a look in The Shop for past boxes.  If there are extra units remaining of a particular box, they will be posted for sale in The Shop.  However, boxes have been selling out very rapidly and if a particular box isn't shown in The Shop, then it has sold out.   Please appreciate that each edition of HackerBoxes is sourced, assembled, and shipped out in one large batch.  During monthly production, the new boxes are automatically shipped out to current subscribers.  There is no selection process in the subscription deliveries.  Past boxes are gone forever.

How do I change automatic renewals of my subscription?

You can modify your subscription anytime to skip or stop automatic renewals.  Just log into this website and elect to "cancel" to pause or stop your subscription renewals.  You can also modify your next renewal month if you want to skip a month or two.  Please note that canceling only stops future renewals. Canceling does not undo or refund past renewals.  Even after canceling, your account will remain in the system so that you can reactivate your subscription anytime.

If I cancel or pause my subscription, will I still get the next box?

If your subscription has already renewed for the next month, you can cancel now and you will still receive that next box. Canceling only stops future renewals. Canceling does not undo or refund past renewals.  Special requests to refund a renewal that has recently occurred must be submitted via email. Such requests will generally be accommodated without question as long as the request is made at least 72 hours before the associated box ships.

Who is HackerBoxes?

HackerBoxes is a project of APPLIED SCIENCE VENTURES, LLC of Florida.
ASV is dedicated to development and education in the areas of science and technology.

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