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Fresh Discoveries

Discover new products, fun gear, and cool concepts within each HackerBox.

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Nothing beats working with real tech.  Make it.  Do it.  Learn it.  Live it.


Find detailed instructions and comment forums at the H4X0R SK00L.  Also join us on Facebook and other social media.

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H4X0R SK00L is just the tip of the iceberg.  Graduate to sharing your own mods and custom projects.

What is a Monthly Subscription Box?

The HackerBoxes Monthly Subscription box is a surprise discovery box for electronics and computer technology. Subscribers receive a thrilling, new HackerBox in the mail each month. Each Monthly HackerBox is only $44 with free domestic shipping. HackerBoxes generally include a project or two and some assortment of electronic components, modules, tools, supplies, and promotional items.  HackerBoxes are curated to provide value and the exciting surprise of discovery upon arrival.  Take a look at the past HackerBoxes to see what you've been missing!  Monthly HackerBoxes subscriptions ship near the end of each month and auto-renew on the first of each month.


What is a HackerBox Workshop?

HackerBox Workshops are larger, themed boxes available for one-time purchase. Workshops are separate from the monthly subscription service and they are available to monthly subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Available Workshops are listed in the HackerBoxes Shop and, just as with the monthly boxes, content lists and detailed project information may be found in the H4X0R SK00L.


What Hobbyists are saying about HackerBoxes

I'm massively impressed!
Worth every dollar!
I can't wait to dive
in and learn
new stuff!

Erik in California

Very nice box.
Quite incredible when you think about it.  Good
value for the money to say the least.

Frederik in Denmark

I really loved the
first HackerBox I received!  It was amazing!  I can't
wait for the next

Eddy in Virginia